• AGP – High Tech Treatment Vision

    Everything around us has been processed or treated using abrasives.
    AGP, French specialist in raw material for the surface treatment, is a major actor in Europe.
    AGP has always been a specialist in free abrasives, like aluminium oxide or silicon carbide for example. However, AGP has enlarged its expertise and also provides, today, a wide range of MEI Tools and Diamond tools.
    Thus, AGP’s knowhow contribute to the performance of a large number of precision applications in high-tech industries, as Aeronautics, Medical, Optics, Crystal, Flat glass, Precision engineering


    AGP has instituted a rigorous quality organization described in a quality assurance manual.



    • 1911: Creation of ABRASIENNE company whose activities evolve over time, from the crushing of grinding wheels to the sieving of grains and then the manufacture of coated abrasives.
    • 1985: Creation of a division “Abrasives in Grits and Powders” for sandblasting, lapping and polishing applications.
    • 1993: Acquisition of the Société des Abrasifs Mercier. The complementary range opens the doors to the Glass markets: Glassware, Mirror, Crystal, Ophthalmic and Precision optics. 
    • 1998: Separation of the two divisions into independant companies: Abrasives in Grits and Powders becomes AGP.